Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best Songs of 2011

The rules: To make it interesting...
  1. I won't include any songs from my top list of the 10 Least Boring Albums of 2011. They've gotten enough attention already!
  2. I will describe each song using 5 words or less, employing bad puns and strained and largely irrelevant pop culture references when possible.

Bandana Splits: Sometimes

Boogie woogie indie girls.

Battles: Ice Cream

Cherry Aguayo.

The Black Keys: Stop Stop


Black Lips: Go Out and Get It

Get got.

Comet Gain: Clang of the Concrete Swans

Hide your hate forever.

Diego Garcia: You Were Never There

Absence makes heart grow bitter.

Dirtbombs: Sharivari

Shari is so vari...

Dirty Beaches: True Blue

Drowned Orbison.

Dum Dum Girls: Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom eyes on Hynde legs.

EMA: Milkman

Does a body good.

Girls: Honey Bunny

Love you too, Honey Bunny.

Grouper: She Loves Me That Way

Taken by the tide.

Hospitality: Betty Wang

A chocolate on your pillow.

Michael Kiwanuka: I'm Getting Ready

The value of preparation.

Moon Duo: Mazes

Get lost in it.

Razika: Taste My Dream

See how they run.

Real Estate: It's Real

Location, location.

Slow Club: Two Cousins

Slow and steady wins.

Surfer Blood: I'm Not Ready

I beg to differ.

Thao & Mirah: Eleven

This one goes to 11.

Tune-Yards: Gangsta

Danger crawling out the wood.

Kurt Vile: In My Time

Everybody must get stoned.

Chad VanGaalen: Peace Is on the Rise

Waking dream.

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