Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Song of the day: "She Don't Care" by Ty Segall

This ridiculously prolific garage rocker has produced albums (and albums...) of crunchy, distorted, lo-fi pop, but his new album, "Sleeper," is a real departure. This is Segall unplugged and the stripped down sound makes his music that much more affecting.


  1. Hey Miki, what's up? Ever heard anything from Serú Girán or Sui Generis? Let me recommend you two albums: "Vida" and "Serú Girán en el Coliseo". Just listen to them and then tell me if you liked them!

    1. Oh and you've never heard of Virus, I can definitely recommend the album "Obras Cumbres".

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, Federico. I'll check them out!


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