Saturday, June 22, 2013

Song of the day: "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince

The AV Club has an article asking people what song they'd like played at their funeral. There are plenty of interesting choices in the article itself (Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On", the Talking Heads doing "Take Me to the River," etc.) The many reader comments are even better, with suggestions ranging from the Smiths' "There's a Light That Never Goes Out" to the full 14 minute version of Sugar Hill's "Rapper's Delight" to versions of "Closing Time" by Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Lyle Lovett. Many folks were big on Bowie's "Heroes," though I think the unanswerable question "Life on Mars?" might be more appropriate. My favorite suggestion was the Pogues' "Free Born Man in the USA," which was featured at several wakes in The Wire. As the commenter wrote, "Even in death, I want to be remembered as the guy who annoyed people by constantly referencing The Wire." What would I choose? Among the songs that come to mind: "When I Get to the Border" by Richard and Linda Thompson, Nick Drake's "From the Morning," the Beatles' "Two of Us," and Beck's "Cold Brains," but these choices would make for a rather morose passing. Why not a supreme dance song from Prince instead? After all, forever is a mighty long time. What song would you pick?

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